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to Freedom!

This house is the 'door' through which I entered this world. That was a long time ago. The house had NO plumbing, NO electricity, NO telephone. It was heated with an old fashioned wood stove in the living room, cooking was done on a wood stove in the kitchen. The 'bathroom' was an outhouse about 25 feet from the back door. Water for drinking, cooking, washing was carried in from a springhouse about 40 feet away. Etc.

Why am I telling you this?

It makes no difference how you start. How you finish is what counts!

What happens next is up to you. Which door - or doors - will you walk through on your own search for Freedom?

One of the doors that might help is this site: So thank you for visiting. I hope you find things of interest as you browse my site.

Many people think to be successful you have to give up much of the good in life - the fun things that make it worth living. Others want to "escape the rat race" and JUST smell the roses.

I think it is possible to have both.

My Favorite

Profitable Programs

1. External link opens in new tab or windowTriVita Wellness. A company that was started because a doctor told a young man he had to quit working so hard on his business or he would soon die. On a get-well vacation in a Mexican desert he discovered a cactus drink the natives used to avoid inflammation. Back home in Arizona he started a company based on this drink. Now the company is over 18 years old and doing millions of dollars a year with that drink and dozens of other natural healthful products. My wife and I have been using the drink every day for seven years. We love it.

If you don't have health, your wealth is meaningless. With TriVita, you can have both HEALTH and WEALTH. Ask me how you can earn completely passive income while getting healthier.

You will too. Check out External link opens in new tab or windowTriVita Wellness.

2. The Millionaires School:  In process of being upgraded.

3. A hybrid program: External link opens in new tab or windowSimple Leverage Worldwide. This is neither 100% passive, nor 100% a networking program. However, perhaps you are willing to do a little 'work' for an hour or so a week. If so you could wind up with people calling you to ask where you would like them to send you from $500 to $3500 CASH every week! This is Crowd Funding for the entrepreneur. Most Crowd Funding projects involve messing with $5 or $10 payments - more of a nuisance than a way to be prosperous. With Simple Leverage Worldwide, you could end up with a steady stream of $100 bills coming to your door every week. Warren Buffet recently said - on CNN - "If you don't have at least $100,000 in cash on hand within the next 12 months, the next 3 to 5 years are going to be very painful." Simple Leverage Worldwide could solve that problem for you.

To see if this is for you, go here: External link opens in new tab or

To see more details on these programs, plus others, just go to the Passive Income tab above. (Or click here.)

Would you like to have a copy of all the 13 Success Secrets – a 41 page book? No charge. Just send an email message with “13 Secrets� in the subject line.

James Sloan


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Disclaimer:  There are no guarantees in life. As has been said long ago, "The only sure things are death and taxes." No one knows how successful you will be in any business opportunity or investment, how much money you will make, etc. A few people make mega bucks buying lottery tickets - most, however go broke buying them.

Real success is determined by many factors. The number one factor is your OWN work ethic. Programs or opportunities will NOT make you rich. That is why they are called 'opportunities'. What you DO with the program will determine your success or failure. Be sure you do your own "due diligence" before investing any money or using any of the ideas in this website.



Thank you for your message, as I am inspired and learned some history! Keep it coming. I look forward to working with you this year. Ronald W, California

I appreciate everything you do for me and I am sure others feel the same way. Gail M. Maryland

WOW James, this is powerful! I feel your excitement, that you have “re-framedâ€� your vision of what is truth/possible/available/in spite of/and because of/ all the lures “out thereâ€�, and like I “always sayâ€� I believe, “we’re here to learn and teachâ€�, (you do that too).  And now you have discovered the biggest “give a man a fish/teach a man to fishâ€� opportunity.   I am so delighted to be a part of that too, thanks to your continuing determination to share.  I actually felt my computer technology challenges seeming to open to “it’s possibleâ€�.  Only a peek behind the curtain, but now I can see how I will want to spend a LOT of time with this amazing way to LEARN AND TEACH.  It’s like God said to me, “OK, NOW YOU’RE READY – this is what you have wished for, it’s friendly, and, bigger than you can even imagine… now GO FOR IT!!â€� Parts of this is my TESTIMONIAL, and I can now truly understand YOURS!   Carol, British Columbia

Thanks so very much for all you do to help everyone. You are among the blessed. Gayle M. Texas

Good Morning James. I am Truly Blessed. I Just Wanna Say Thank you For the Information You Sent Me. That Meant A lot Please Keep me Posted With More. I am Married With 3 Children. I work Full time I just made All my car Payments Working At The Minimum Wage place Making 9.50 hour. I Also Go To Church Every Sunday Morning. I have Turned My Life All the Way Around From Smoking Weed And Drinking Alcohol. I am Working toward a Change. I am 31 years Old Young Black Man. Just Wanna Say Guess Life Ain't So Bad After All. So I Just Put A Smile On My Face Keep Going. Be Blessed Mr. James and Keep Me In Your Prayers. Digiorgio Jacobs, Georgia

Hi James, You work every day to provide good valuable content and opportunities to all the people on your mailing list. It's hard to find this kind of devotion in a leader such as yourself. So I consider helping you on a project a privilege. Jim Y., Iowa

Hi James. I am very grateful to be receiving your great newsletter. I kind of miss them .... the days when you don't write. You are such a prolific writer. I am so glad to have connected with you. May the Lord continue to shower you with all His Grace and Blessings.

Your Friend in Success,


British Columbia, Canada

My Mission


      The world has changed drastically since I was born in 1934. Many aspects much improved, but some more difficult and confusing than ever.

      We live in 'prisons' of our own making. But YOU have the key. We feel we cannot do what we say we want because...

The only way out of your mental prison is to change your mindset. Freedom begins in your mind.

      The 13 Success Secrets will give you freedom. They are not really 'secret' at all. They have been available since Adam and Eve - just rarely discovered and utilized except by a few people.

      My goal is to share the 'secrets' that will help YOU find complete freedom in your life.

      True freedom means being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want - AS LONG AS you do nothing that would be harmful to anyone else. True freedom includes all areas of your life: physical, mental, spiritual, social, and financial.

      The world is complex. May I help you solve your puzzles and find that complete freedom?

My Principles

In my humble opinion, the internet is one vast international library where you should be able to enter the same as your local physical library. After entering you should be able to go to any section that interests you and study whatever books, magazines, or videos are in that section. WITHOUT ANY UPSELL TACTICS. Of course, if you wish, you can always buy a particular book or subscribe to a magazine if you want to see it periodically at home.

I think the internet should be the same way.

You should be able to peruse any area of interest to your heart's content. And, once again, if something is of interest, you can buy it. But without any high pressure tactics.

Which brings me to another pet peeve...

How many times have you had a salesperson wanting to sell you a vacuum cleaner, automobile, computer, or anything else and said something like, "If you buy today I can give you a 20% discount."

Same thing on the internet. How many times have you looked at a particular link and you saw a countdown timer that told you how many minutes and seconds you had before the price went up.

That is ridiculous!

Is he (or she) saying, "I won't want any business tomorrow?"

People buy things when they are ready - not when the other person wants or needs the commission.

Most of the time if a person says I can have the 'good' deal only if I buy now, I walk away - and look for someone else to do business with - even if I actually wanted the product in question.

I am 100% dedicated to providing information you can use. I look at investments, real estate, business, health, and other areas of interest. I offer free reports, as appropriate, to help you evaluate my words and, when possible, give you the direct source to further research and, perhaps, take advantage of opportunities.

I am international because the world’s boundaries have been bridged by the internet. Almost everything done today is based on a world view. I bring you my unique perspectives, always unfiltered by media bias.

I call out the truth as we see it. I am NOT politically correct. I will read your communications and always personally respond to you. In this age of ‘If you know your party’s extension press 1.� I believe a truly personal touch is welcome.

This website will have articles of all sorts - on health, finances (from getting debt free to financial security), freedom issues, and much more.

This site will be like your local physical library - you can read or study anything you wish on the site with zero cost. Any of my reports you can download at zero cost. Etc.

There will NEVER be a charge for anything I write on this site. Further, you will NEVER be forced to give me your email address before you can visit any page or read any report.

Naturally, there are links from which you can purchase things or join programs. I do need to buy groceries from time to time. :-) However, there will never be any coercion or pressure to buy anything. YOU decide if, and when you want to make a purchase.

What I intend to offer is basically the freedom and happiness that we all want. I will do my best to provide that for you. And always FREE.

Call or write me anytime.

I am here for you.

Would you like to have a copy of all the 13 Success Secrets,  a 43 page book? No charge. Just send an email message with "13 Secrets"� in the subject line.

James Sloan

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