Your Real FREEDOM Starts Right Here!

Freedom has always been on the frontier - once it was the "new world"�, then the wild West of over a century ago. Today, the Internet is the new frontier. Everyone has equal opportunity via the Internet.

What does it mean to be free, anyway?

The politicians and government officials toss the words 'freedom', 'liberty', and variations around in every speech. This is true not only in republics or democracies, but also in the harshest of dictatorships. The people under Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many more (even such as in North Korea today), were (and are) all told how wonderful their lives are.

What do they mean by the words? All too often 'freedom' means privileges for the elite and restrictions for the rest of us. They tell us how good life is - but, "by the way you can't do _____. You need special permission..."

In spite of that, most of my readers either actively strive for their own personal freedom, or wish they could find a way to do so. Most likely you are either working strictly for yourself already, or you are thinking along this line: "How can I get rid of this J.O.B. and start doing what I really want?"

(J.O.B. stands for Just Over Broke.)

So, what IS freedom?

My simple definition: If you are 'free', you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want – as long as you never do anything that would be harmful to anyone else. You can strive to be whatever you want to be, however you want to do it.

How does all that connect with all YOUR goals?

The Internet gives you the opportunity to be free. But it will not happen for you if you do not grasp the opportunity in some way. There are infinite possibilities as to how it can be done. Fortunes have been made – and will continue to be made. But not for YOU – unless you figure out how, in some way to market online. This website is designed to help you in that effort in many ways.

Nothing will happen for YOU, however, unless...

If you want to be truly free, you need to start accepting responsibility for your own situation. Then do the work necessary to get to wherever you want to be!

Buying a lottery ticket is not likely to do it. Going to a casino probably won't work either. Nor will joining one of the many money game programs on the internet. (It is possible to make money with some of these programs, and I do. But it also is just as possible to lose your shirt as quickly as you could at a slot machine.)

In ANY program on the internet, there are only two ways you (or I or anyone else) can speed up the program. One is to buy more yourself of whatever the site sells. The other is to share the program with someone else who might buy some of the same stuff.

People (you, too?) have lost fortunes on the internet by joining a program, finding they are not making the megabucks advertised, then quit and look for the next super-duper money maker. You would be just about as well off buying lottery tickets or sitting at the blackjack table!

So, how can you change your thinking from a short term 'fix' to a long term stable income?

When you see websites with pictures of mansions and fast cars and the promoter is bragging about how much money he is making, how do you think he is making all those megabucks? When a person tells you he or she made $8,379.00 the first week after joining a program, how did that happen? The money does not fall from the sky!

Such people have something you probably don't. It's called contacts. They have a list of thousands of people who have been reading their material for some time. That is their gold mine - usually called a 'list'.

Your list is your magic. It is your "open sesame" to unlocking all the treasures you could imagine. Your contacts (your list) is the key to everything else you desire. Just think how much better your life would be if you had hundreds - or even thousands - of people who knew you and believed in you. You find a new product you like and could make a nice commission on. You send a quick email to your list.

Voila! In a day or two you have made hundreds of dollars in commissions.

Not happening yet, you say. It could. But won't until you develop your list.

You want to make money on the internet, do you not?

Assuming you do, how many names do you have that you can tell about the "marvelous, super duper new program" you have just found? ... 23 names? ... 7000? ... 4? ... None?

Whatever the number, I assume you would like more. How do you add names to your list? It WILL NOT work to bug your friends, family, co-workers. Those people don't understand your goals anyway. They will tell you 1001 reasons why you are being foolish, why what you want is unrealistic, etc.

You DO build your list ONE NAME AT A TIME. I have between one and two thousand names on my list. I got them one name at a time over the last six years. The list is now growing faster - it works like a snowball. As you add more people, some of those people share with other people, etc.

What are you doing to build YOUR list? Whatever it is, would you like to make it grow quicker?

I have found a way to do that - and you can use the same method. To read more about building your list, take a look...

Step ONE for growing your list.

I do NOT want you to think that I am cruel or uncaring------but I also don't want you to be believe that EVERYONE you encounter on the Internet is an intelligent, hard-driving individual determined to make a better life for his or her family.

For example: I have the system to create a legitimate  "quit your day job" income---

---and yet some people say they are too busy to put it into action, even though it is super simple!

This is crazy. Right?

But YOU are smarter than that!

Click the link to see my simple system in action.

External link opens in new tab or windowSecrets of the Big Dogs.

Here's to your new success and freedom,

By the way  - The internet can be a haven for the lazy,  the stupid and the broke. So make sure to do the OPPOSITE of what they do!

Next is Step Two. Learning how to market.

It will take some time to build your list.

This is a very important Success Step. You want to make money on the internet, get out of your J.O.B., be your own boss - or whatever reason(s) you have. So, in trying to do that you keep searching for the next super-duper program. Waaay too many promise instant riches with little or no work on your part. It's about time you figure it out - that aint gonna happen!

You can't really get ahead until you admit that YOU have to do something. Who made the promised fortunes in the Gold Rush days? It was NOT the miners. A few made a fortune. Most ended up broke with their life savings gone. The people who got rich are the people who supplied the miners with what they needed - picks, shovels, food, lodging, etc.

Everyone wants to become an internet millionaire. Most go broke trying. What do they all need?

They need the picks and shovels. The program listed below will teach you how to furnish your own picks and shovels. (And you can make a lot of money while you are providing those tools to others.) The modern "picks and shovels"� are simply called software today.

Why not offer your own site to sell the picks and shovels (software tools) the miners (people digging for gold on the internet) need?

You can do this. PLUS you can get paid (paid a lot) by furnishing the tools all the internet hopefuls (and even the professionals) need.

Actually this organization will ALSO help you build your list, plus give you many more tools to grow your business far above anything you have seen before. That is why I consider it a school for creating millionaires. So check out the...

External link opens in new tab or windowYour Personal ATM Machine. Get all the tools you need to finally grab the success you want with your online ventures. You will be amazed. I was.

I  recently watched a video by Daniel Rydstedt that could completely magnify your financial life. It is about a beautiful program for you - a VERY promising program.
It only costs $11.50 to start - affordable for everyone. It has an unlimited width and an unlimited depth.
There is NO STOPPING after an easy start.
It's like having your own External link opens in new tab or windowATM Machine on Autopilot.
If you watch the complete video to the end, you will most likely think - WOW, this is my lucky, LUCKY day!
Watch the video and let the External link opens in new tab or windowATM Machine on Autopilot make it YOUR luckiest day ever.


External link opens in new tab or windowMy personal Commission Machine. You need to follow a proven process that works. A way to get noticed, to stand out from the crowd, to differentiate yourself from all the other affiliates. A way that's been used by super affiliates and newbies alike to rake in serious commissions and dominate leaderboards. Here is how you can survive and thrive?   Can you answer 'YES' to these 4 questions? 1. Would you like to have a way you could make 6 - or even 7 - figures yearly online? 2. Do you have 20 Bucks to get started? 3. Can you (and WILL you) follow simple instructions exactly? 4. Can you (and WILL you) spend an hour setting up your business, then at least an hour a day growing it?   If YES, you have found the system that is taking newbies into a solid boss firing future! No website needed. No list needed. No autoresponder needed. External link opens in new tab or windowMy personal Commission MachineExternal link opens in new tab or window.
Come and join me in whichever of these you wish? It could be fun. AND prosperous.
(Both of those two above will ultimately lead you to the same place - it's called success.)

Finally, we have Success Step Three. Putting it all together and building it up.

As I have asked you numerous times, "You do want to create you success online, don't you?"

In Success Step TWO you became familiar with these tools. Hopefully, by now you are actually using them and beginning to grow your online marketing savvy.

Now it is time to start using them to add to your online success.

This is the final step to get you on the road to success.

All three work together.

Success Step ONE. Building your list.

Success Step TWO. Learning how to market.

Success Step THREE. Building up to the income level YOU want.

To be completely successful in your online endeavors, you NEED all three, and need to be working them together.

If you are not in either of the first two, please consider going back and starting with them.

But if you are ready to go on, there are three programs that are each:

  1. Well accepted.
  2. Easy to start and grow into a profit.
  3. Each one will help your grow your Internet Income.
  4. Each one will be part of the foundation of your recurring income.
  5. Low cost. Two cost only $10. a month, the other is 100% Free.

In 1999 when the internet was young and the boom was peaking, a new program launched with a new NON ".com" suffix.

Seemed a little unusual at the time. Also a little different than anything else.

For example, you could join the program with a F-R-E-E trial for seven days. Then after the 7 days it would only cost $10.00 a month.

Furthermore, that 10 bucks would give you ALL the tools you needed to be in business on the internet.

Your own Domain Name: INCLUDED.
Website Hosting: INCLUDED.
Website Building Tools: INCLUDED.
WordPress: INCLUDED.
URL Forwarding: INCLUDED.
Multiple Email Accounts: INCLUDED.
Training Tutorials: INCLUDED.
Along with a whole lot more!

Even though $10 a month is all you ever pay, you have the possibility of earning THOUSANDS per month by sharing this with a few others!

External link opens in new tab or window10 Dollar Program: Only 10 bucks, but my upline is making over $31,000 a month! $10 gives you Your own Domain Name, Website Hosting and tools, Multiple Email Accounts, and a lot more! 19 year old stable company pays big commissions.
Back in 2007 or 2008 I joined the program with ten bucks. Worked with it for a year or so - and liked it. Don't remember exactly how, but it fell by the wayside as I worked with other things.

Believe it or not, I have now re-joined this old company that I had joined several years ago.
My sponsor talked me into believing that all I had to do was join and my upline is going to place members in my downline.

Anyway, all I could lose is $10. So why not join????

If I make money that is great and if I don’t make money, the most I can lose is 10 bucks.  I have lost much more than that on worthless programs in the past. Now it is your turn to do the same reasoning:

Start your no cost 7 day trial. If you don't like it, no problem. Quit. On the other hand, stick with it for only $10.00.

You might be one of those who ends up making hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. Or even like my upline who is taking home over 30 Grand every month!


What if you only make $100 per month of residual income?  Any profit is better than nothing.  Right???

Look for yourself and let me know if you think it is worth $10 to see if it works for you.

External link opens in new tab or window10 Dollar Program:

If you like what you see I will show you how to have the same sales page and video that we are using to make this kind of money. Plus, you can be added to his rotator.

This team is dynamic. You will see.
 And if I had had this kind of help back in my first go-around, I would probably have stuck with it - and be much better off than I actually am.


The second program is External link opens in new tab or windowTriVita Wellness. It is NOT necessary to recruit with  External link opens in new tab or windowTriVita.

As an Independent TriVita Business Owner (ITBO), acquiring customers is as easy as making a reservation by clicking a few buttons. We essentially buy the rights to future purchases of these customers while the company does everything: advertising, marketing, research & development, products & inventory, shipping, payments, follow up and more.  Every time one of your customers makes a purchase, you receive a commission.
It really is that simple. To see the complete picture about TriVita, see the "rest of the story" in my Passive Income page. Or email me and ask for a copy of my TriVita White Paper.


The thire program is called Free Mart. It is exactly that. Free to join. Never any pressure to buy or sell anything. Yet a potential fortune is available if you choose to work the program. It is the only organization that is a food company, yet not a food company; a nutrition company, yet not a nutrition company; and an MLM, yet not an MLM. Completely different than any thing you have ever seen. Most importantly, FREE to join and get great products, yet never any obligation to do a thing. Amazing.

Click here to check out External link opens in new tab or windowFreeMart.

Finally, a hybrid program: External link opens in new tab or windowSimple Leverage Worldwide. This is neither 100% passive, nor 100% a networking program. However, perhaps you are willing to do a little 'work' for an hour or so a week. If so you could wind up with people calling you to ask where you would like them to send you from $500 to $3500 CASH every week! This is Crowd Funding for the entrepreneur. Most Crowd Funding projects involve messing with $5 or $10 payments - more of a nuisance than a way to be prosperous. With Simple Leverage Worldwide, you could end up with a steady stream of $100 bills coming to your door every week. Warren Buffet recently said - on CNN - "If you don't have at least $100,000 in cash on hand within the next 12 months, the next 3 to 5 years are going to be very painful." Simple Leverage Worldwide could solve that problem for you.

To see if this is for you, go here: External link opens in new tab or

Most people who fail in their dream, fail not from
lack of ability, but rather from lack of commitment.

Fortunes are being made in Internet Marketing. The  internet is the last frontier for people seeking freedom. And you don't have to be super smart, super educated, or super anything else. You just need the desire and the commitment.

May you have much joy and happiness - today, tomorrow, and every day in your future.

Your success is my goal. Try me and see.

Your freedom awaits your decision.

One of the most important characteristics you need to become successful at anything is persistence. This is just as true in Internet Marketing as any other endeavor. To read more on persistence, check out my Success Secret #10 – Persistence.

Also check out the related tab above, called Passive Income.

Finally, would you like to have a copy of ALL 13 Success Secrets? No charge, no catch. Just send an email message with 13 Secrets in the subject line.

What I desire for you is the freedom and happiness that everyone wants. I will do my best to provide that for you. And always FREE.

Call or write me anytime.

I am here for you.

James Sloan


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