Are you headed to wealth? Or to the poorhouse?

What's in your wallet?

Do you actually THINK about what advertisers are actually saying?

What are credit card companies really saying when they broadcast on the TV over and over, "Our card pays you back 2%."? (1%, 3%, whatever.)

They are saying if you SPEND $1000.00, we will give you $20.00 back!

If you spend that thousand enough times you will be rich. Right?

Here is the viewpoint of Blondie and Dagwood:

It is amazing to me how advertisements cause us to think BACKWARDS.

For the most part the ads we see - whether in newspapers, television, or the internet – are technically truthful.

Yet you have to put on your thinking cap to realize what the ad is REALLY saying.

In Blondie's case, say she buys items with a list price of $1000.00, but with the discount, she only pays $400.00

You can tell by Dagwood's expression that he knows they will be OUT $400.00 - and further from becoming rich than before.

Most merchants are selling debt - not freedom or wealth.

I am NOT taking away from or criticizing the purchases we need to make in the course of living. Naturally we NEED food, shelter, transportation, etc. to function in this world. It takes money to do so.

But you CANNOT spend your way into wealth. Try to do so and eventually the day of reckoning occurs.

The ads we see on the internet touting a program showing you the McMansions and exotic cars are almost always stretching the truth - and all too often are outright scams.

For example, during the last three months I have had several people telling me how wonderful MMM Global was. It was an impossible concept, actually a scam - and is now gone.

Think about what you read. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Too often we invest first, think later.

Works a lot better if you do it the other way around.

There are programs that actually work, and have a chance of helping you find the financial freedom you want.

Those are what I look for.

But even though I share with you program ideas, you STILL need to do your own thinking. You need to decide if the program is right for you.

Whether an opportunity makes money for me - or anyone else - does NOT matter. It needs to be something YOU can embrace after thinking about it.

I can only decide for me - only you can decide for you.

Why do all the automobile companies use big print to tell you that you can have this super duper set of hot wheels for "only $199.00 a month". Of course, you will be making those payments for the rest of your life.


Because the car will be worn out and traded for the next one loooong before the payments end.

This is an endless cycle of debt. An endless life of slavery.

As Solomon said, "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender." Proverbs 22:7.

On the highways leading from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and from Sacramento to Reno are lots of billboards. Many of them advertising casinos. They will typically say, "Our slots pay out 97.4%" or various similar numbers between 97% and 99%.

Very few people think of what that really says. Here it is: If you play our slot machines long enough to put $1000.00 into the machines, we will keep about $30.00 and let you have $970.00 of your money back.

Why do you think the casinos offer you free drinks, free meals, etc.?

Of course they also have photos scattered on the walls showing the happy faces of big winners of $5000.00 to $100,000.00 or more. How can they have all those luxuriously huge buildings and give away all those gifts and winnings?

Simple. Almost ALL of the people who frequent the casinos LOSE money.

There are endless stories of people who needed another $200.00 to cover the house payment, went to a casino to get the money, then left the casino needing $500.00 to make the payment.

I could give you dozens of other examples of how most advertising is designed to SIDETRACK your mind from actuality to fantasy.

But thinking has been good for you ever since Socrates and Plato. It still is.

Your first obligation - for you and your family - if you really, really want to have a successful life, is JUST ONE THING.

Get out of debt.

Start thinking BEFORE you get out your wallet.

Stop buying things if you don't have the money in your pocket or your bank.

I believe in living debt free. If I want a different car, instead of making those 'easy' payments for years, I make ONE easy payment. Whatever is the actual agreed on total price, I either pay that or walk away.

I would like to help you get to that same point.

There are various tips and strategies I have learned over the years, which I will gladly share.

There are only two ways to eliminate your debt. You have to either spend less or earn more.

If you are sincerely trying to change your buying habits/debt cycle, call or write. I will help.

Your freedom awaits your decision.

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What I desire for you is the freedom and happiness that everyone wants. I will do my best to provide that for you. And always FREE.

Call or write me anytime.

I am here for you.

James Sloan