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Megabucks are being made in the world of Passive Income programs.  The catch is that many people also lose their shirts! If you want to join in this activity, how do you know which ones to choose, and how do you play the game?

Ready? Here are my current favorite Passive Income programs. (Check this page frequently. With any sign of trouble, a site is removed. And new sites added as good opportunities appear.


Two caveats: First, the difference between the top and bottom of this list is very slight. They are ALL favorites. I consider they are all good or they would not be on the list at all.

Second, the list is continually changing. Generally speaking, the nearer the top, the longer I have been involved, and thus the site has been more profitable. But don't overlook the newer ones. You may discover your new private ATM machine!  

There is a relatively new phenomenon that has been captivating the world of people searching for passive income. They are called Revenue Sharing Advertising programs.

In its simplest form, what happens is that you join one of these sites. Then buy some advertising for whatever other business or program you wish to promote. Then, you look at a few other ads on the site once a day. As a reward, you get a share of the company's income.

There are many variations, but usually you will need to look at about 10 other ads for a few seconds each. (Usually takes less than 10 minutes a day.) Most people concentrate on the revenue they will receive for viewing the ads.

HOWEVER, that is only part of the profit you can make. Let's say you belong to four programs that offer an affiliate commission. By advertising those four programs on a revenue sharing site (or sites), you will also, over time, find that new people will join your programs.

This is what results in claims by people that they made mega bucks from their super-duper program. That happens because they have a large list of prospects/customers. (For more info on this point, please click on the Internet Marketing tab above.)

The following are programs that actually work, and have a chance of helping you find the financial freedom you want.

Those are what I look for.

But even though I share with you program ideas, you STILL need to do your own thinking. You need to decide if the program is right for you.

Whether an opportunity makes money for me - or anyone else - does NOT matter. It needs to be something YOU can embrace after thinking about it.

I can only decide for me - only you can decide for you.

What I can do for you is share with you a few ways you can add to your own financial security.

Here are some ways you could do this - each of which is working well for me at this time.

1. TriVita Wellness. Actually this can be either passive or actively networked - your choice, or you can do both. First, the background:

This company was started because a doctor told a young man he had to quit working so hard on his business or he would soon die. On a get-well vacation in a Mexican desert he discovered a cactus drink the natives used to avoid inflammation. Back home in Arizona he started a company based on this drink. Now the company is over 18 years old and doing millions of dollars a year with that drink and dozens of other natural healthful products. My wife and I have been using the drink every day for seven years. We love it.

If you don't have health, your wealth is meaningless. With TriVita, you can have both HEALTH and WEALTH.

You need to first, join the company and test some of the products. You cannot in good conscience 'sell' something you know nothing about.

To do that Take a look at this video. As you are watching the video you will see a green box on the upper right saying "View offer". To the left of that is a white box asking for your code. Enter this: "TRYMYO" (without the quote marks). CAUTION: If you don't enter "TRYMYO" in the box you will NOT be able to see the challenge offer.

Second: It is NOT necessary to recruit with  TriVita.

 As an Independent TriVita Business Owner (ITBO), acquiring customers is as easy as making a reservation by clicking a few buttons. We essentially buy the rights to future purchases of these customers while the company does everything: advertising, marketing, research & development, products & inventory, shipping, payments, follow up and more.  Every time one of your customers makes a purchase, you receive a commission.
It really is that simple.  TriVita lets its ITBOs share in their profits through their "cooperative marketing".  Here's how it works:
The reason it works is because TriVita is a real company with high quality products, and since 1999, has had real paying customers buying consumable products month after month.   This is how business is done.  It's called Supply and Demand. 

You can buy as many customers as you want (up to 99 per month), but can start with as few as two for only $69 each.
Whether you have five customers that you have purchased or 5000, those customers are yours FOR LIFE. Whatever or whenever they buy any products, you get the commission. Whether your customer buys next week or in 2024 - you get the commission.
Want the good products that will help keep the doctor away? Join TriVita.
Want to have a REAL business REAL customers with a REAL company?  Join TriVita.
Want to read more about how it works? Ask me to send you my White Paper about TriVita Wellness.

2. Swiss Gold GlobalThey have been around for several years. They are strong, the website is thorough and comprehensive, and you will not only mine crypto currencies, but will also be able to accumulate gold and silver at the same time. My only regret is that I did NOT join in 2016 or 2017 when I started to, but did not follow through. Please don't make my mistake. Take a serious look at Swiss Gold Global.

3. Wealth Bot: New money is NOT a dirty word. New money is not paper. It is Progress. Old money closes at 5 PM. New money is always open. Old money is stuck in the past. New money gets better every day. Completely passive income, month after month.  Want to see HOW new money is made? Click on this link: Show Me the New Money. (Then click on the blue Start Minting button and watch.)

This is a REAL Bitcoin mining company. I have been in since the beginning in June, 2017. They keep getting stronger and stronger. You can join us and have stable, solid growth while you make 5% or more every month. Main link to join: Wealth Bot.

4. Rockwall Investments: I looked at this program for 2 or 3 months - debating with myself about adding it. The concept seems great, you can even see photos of the founders, etc. But - part of the structure is a matrix - which I routinely would NOT consider. However, the matrix is such a small part of the plan it is insignificant. The two main parts are legitimate crypto currency mining and and trading. The trading is called Fusion and lets you earn up to 1.5% daily and is active for 150 days - minimum deposit only $50. And/or you can buy a mining contract for as little as $25. (no upper limit) in your choice of three different currencies. My favorite is Ethereum, which is the second largest crypto - Bitcoin is the only one larger. I have been wanting some Ethereum for some time and here is a great way to earn it. The matrix is various sizes of 'Shields' starting at just $10.00 and you don't actually need them until you are ready to withdraw. A nice feature is in the FAQs, item #6 says, "How can I join and create an account?" followed by a link. Click on it and you will see a complete Guide - very thorough, similar to the ones I sometimes prepare for a program. You can easily be in all three phases of the program for less than $200. (Naturally the more you start with the quicker your earnings grow. When you join I will send you my suggested strategy. Check out the site here: YourSolidRockWall.


6. Simple Leverage Worldwide. This is neither 100% passive, nor 100% a networking program. However, perhaps you are willing to do a little 'work' for an hour or so a week. If so you could wind up with people calling you to ask where you would like them to send you from $500 to $3500 CASH every week! This is Crowd Funding for the entrepreneur. Most Crowd Funding projects involve messing with $5 or $10 payments - more of a nuisance than a way to be prosperous. With Simple Leverage Worldwide, you could end up with a steady stream of $100 bills coming to your door every week. Warren Buffet recently said - on CNN - "If you don't have at least $100,000 in cash on hand within the next 12 months, the next 3 to 5 years are going to be very painful." Simple Leverage Worldwide could solve that problem for you.

To see if this is for you, go here:

7. Electroneum:  When I first bought some Bitcoins a couple of years ago, the price was about $300.00. In October, 2017, it had gone up to over $5700.00. Bitcoin is known by a wide audience, however its not used or owned by a very large audience. A recent study by Cambridge University suggests there are only around 3 million bitcoin users and holders.

There are hundreds of copycat cryptocurrencies. Most of them are sloppily thrown together and will soon disappear. Also some are outright scams. So be careful. Now there is a new coin - Electroneum - that promises to grow faster than Bitcoin did, and become more widely accepted.

Reason: A completely new technology that makes it easier to use for the average person. It even has a "phone app" that will let you 'mine' coins from your smart phone. In its first 5 weeks from announcement, over 200,000 people had already joined! You could do the same and pay only a penny per coin if you do so by November 1, 2017. To do so:  Extra Bonus: Make sure you see my code when you sign up, it will give you an extra 1%. My code is 2289EB. No cost to join. Click here:

Be sure to come back to this page at least once a week. The Revenue Sharing model is constantly changing. Whenever there are changes, they will be updated here.

Caveat: I CANNOT say what your results (or mine) will be down the road on any of these programs. All I can say is what I am doing with my own money. So just take a look and see what YOU think.

Further, we are all different € different sums of money available to work with, different tolerances to risk, different stages of life, and a thousand other things. So I make no guarantees as to your outcome in any program. You need to do your own investigation and make your decision as to what course is best for you.

Finally, neither you nor I have any control over what any third party may do € such as the company ownership of any of the businesses listed here. So I cannot accept any responsibility for any decisions you may make.

Having said that, there are many people making thousands of dollars a month with these programs € some even making six, even seven figure yearly incomes.

Knowing that, shouldn't you take a look at some of them to see what YOU think?

Your personal financial freedom awaits your decision.

To read more on how to maximize your earnings and at the same time avoid losses, please check out my Success Secret #7Risk Taking.

Two other sections that would help would be Internet Marketing and Financial Security. Click on either tab above.

Finally, would you like to have a copy of ALL 13 Success Secrets? No charge, no catch. Just send an email message with 13 Secrets in the subject line.

What I desire for you is the freedom and happiness that everyone wants. I will do my best to help you find that freedom. And always my help and advice is FREE.

Call or write me anytime.

I am here for you.

James Sloan


Disclaimer:  There are no guarantees in life. As has been said long ago, "The only sure things are death and taxes." No one knows how successful you will be in any business opportunity or investment, how much money you will make, etc. A few people make mega bucks buying lottery tickets - most, however go broke buying them.

Real success is determined by many factors. The number one factor is your OWN work ethic. Programs or opportunities will NOT make you rich. That is why they are called 'opportunities'. What you DO with the program will determine your success or failure. Be sure you do your own "due diligence" before investing any money or using any of the ideas in this website.