Want to live a long time? Want good health the whole time?

What do you really want?

Freedom to enjoy your life? Freedom from Disease?

How about BOTH?

In all the areas of your life, EVERYTHING starts in your mind. Without the proper mindset nothing else matters.

But what is second?

Your physical health.

You can make gazillions of dollars, but if your physical health is failing, what difference does it make?

Whatever else you want in life, you first have to take care of your health or it won't matter.

I want to live a long time. I also want to be in good health until I die. (I am currently 82 years old and my parents recently died - (Dad at 97 and Mother at 99.) The only way I can live a long, healthy life is to eat right, get adequate physical and mental exercise, sleep properly, avoid putting any harmful or addictive substances into my body, and maintain a healthy mental and spiritual outlook. So I try to do all those things daily.

I encourage you to think the same way.

Of course, there are some things we have no control over. For example, I have a 95% hearing loss. Got that from my Father's genes. Can't change that. But I can work around it with good hearing aids, etc.

You, too, may have some unavoidable problem. You may have a missing leg or arm or some incurable disease. Most everyone has something physically wrong. What I am addressing here is how to make the best of whatever you have. Don't worry about what you have no control over. Just control what you DO have the capacity to control. Make the best of whatever God has given you.

My Daddy did not graduate from high school. Yet he was a wise man. He imparted much wisdom to me as I was growing up on our farm. One of his frequent sayings was, "Equipment will rust out faster than it will wear out."

That is true with humans as well. It is true with both our bodies and our minds.

Most of us have heard many times, "You are what you eat."

In fact we have heard it so much it hardly registers - or in the vernacular - "in one ear and out the other."

Many years ago I had a secretary who was about 5'6" tall, but weighed over 200 pounds. As many overweight people do, she was frequently on the latest diet (but always only for a short while). Naturally any weight lost was quickly regained, with a few extra new pounds as well.

One day she joined a weight loss clinic with weekly meetings. In the office the morning after one of these meetings she described the ordeal she went through the night before. They had french fries. But not to eat. They made each one of the dieters place a bunch of french fries in their hands, then squeeze them to feel and watch the messy grease run out of the potatoes.

For a long time after that she would not go near any french fries!

Here are some things to think about:

The FOOD industry is a 4.3 Trillion dollar per year industry. You've gotta eat as long as you live.

What our bodies need from the foods that we eat everyday are 43 Essential Nutrients as documented by the World Health Organization.  These essential nutrients are nutrients that your body cannot make - you must consume them every day in your diet to properly nourish your body.

Many people are over-eating unhealthy foods, yet starving inside because they are not getting these 43 Essential Nutrients. Too much of our 'food' today should be more accurately called chemicals. When ordinary people think of the food industry, we think of the farms that grow tomatoes and cabbages and peas and carrots and chickens; ranches that raise cattle, etc.

The modern "food industry", though is more like a chemical laboratory where scientists try to mix and match chemicals that will make the chickens grow faster or the cantaloupes grow bigger. Too many modern 'foods' are not actually food at all. They are genetically modified plants, and sometimes just plain chemicals with little or no nutritional value.

Margarine is a good example. It was developed during World War II when butter was rationed. It is so bad that insects will not touch it, yet it is still sold today as a way to "be healthier by avoiding the excess fat from real butter". That is a lie. Butter is good for you. Margarine will hasten your death.

Modern fake foods contain compounds that when absorbed cause your stomach to signal to your brain that you are full when all you have inside of you is merely garbage! Because most of these junk foods are over-stuffed with sugars and saturated fats, they easily lead to many forms of illness and obesity.

But these 43 Essential Nutrients ensure that your cells are nourished. They sustain health and promote growth. The mass population is probably not even getting half of their daily nutritional requirements and this foundational lack is at the root of many of the diseases so common today in our society.

If you don't use your body (work, exercise, etc.), you will rust out and die young. As I have been typing this today I have also been looking out my office window at the house across the road. The house has recently sold and the people are having a "moving sale". Dozens of cars with people looking for bargains have stopped in the last couple of hours.

What is amazing to me is the extremely high percentage of waaay overweight people getting out of those cars and waddling around the neighbor's driveway and yard.

Why are so many people so neglectful of their God-given 'equipment' that they let it get into such deplorable shape?

Much of this website is concerned with helping you enjoy your life.

HERE IS A QUESTION THOUGH: What good will it do you to enjoy it now, if in the process, you ruin your health? If you wish to maximize your physical health, I suggest you take a look at the links at the bottom of this page.

It's Your Brain Chemistry!

So let's get your chemistry right. That is what the unique formulations of the proper nutrients will do for you. The brain has several "feel good"� chemicals and receptors that require the proper nutrition to be activated and function properly. In today's fast paced, "on the go"� society, most people just plain don't give the brain what it needs for that to happen -- which leads to so many of today's issues: depression, addictions of all kinds, and overall low mood problems. The products at NuPathways and Trivita (links at bottom of page) are formulated to get those "feel good" chemicals and receptors back into proper working order. Take a look and see if there is something that could benefit you.

Are you addicted to tobacco, alcohol, even sugar or other foods? Will power will NOT get you "off the wagon". The NuPathways company specializes in this. I personally know several people who had tried everything to quit smoking (one of whom was my son) without success. Yet with the NuPathways program, the problem soon no longer existed.

They will help you get your brain chemistry right. Then quitting is not even a problem. It happens naturally, effortlessly!

Most of us were born with good health. However, as we grow and age, we gradually do all sorts of things that are NOT in our own best interests.

We are seduced by the hucksters on television and other media that want to sell us the latest "snake oil" remedies. In centuries past a man would come around in a wagon with a concoction he had made up that smelled good and tasted either good or terrible. Made no difference, because what was really good was the super sales pitch saying that it would cure whatever was wrong with you.

Today, both the sales pitches and the concoctions are more sophisticated. The results, though, are usually about the same. What you are expected to do is replace one poison (whatever is wrong in your body) with another poison (whatever drug that is in the bottle or pill). Result: You now have two poisons fighting over your body.

The doctor (witch doctor?) and the druggist win - they make money. The loser? Either your body or your wallet. Often both.

For your good health, please check out any of these four companies. Three of them, I know the founders/owners and trust them completely. With all four, I use the products myself, and with some have for many years.

1. Try the natural route. Get the material that is designed to keep the neurotransmitters in your brain operating correctly. External link opens in new tab or windowNuPathways.com.

2. A company that was started because a doctor told a young man he had to quit working so hard on his business or he would soon die. On a get-well vacation in a Mexican desert he discovered a cactus drink the natives used to avoid inflammation. Back home in Arizona he started a company based on this drink. Now the company is over 18 years old and doing millions of dollars a year with that drink and dozens of other natural healthful products. My wife and I have been using the drink every day for seven years. We love it. You will too. Check out External link opens in new tab or windowTriVita Wellness.  

3. External link opens in new tab or windowFreeMart The only organization that is a food company, yet not a food company; a nutrition company, yet not a nutrition company; and an MLM, yet not an MLM. Completely different than any thing you have ever seen. Most importantly, FREE to join and get great products, yet never any obligation to do a thing. Amazing.

It is a Membership Club similar to Sam's Club or Costco, with the exception that membership is always free. FreeMart is positioned to become a giant company with many enterprises under one umbrella. A Free Membership will give you advantages not available through other large membership stores. External link opens in new tab or windowFreeMart.

OR - for entrepreneurs: FreeMart Brings Honor To Referral Based Marketing. The greatest inventions and the greatest companies are those that filled the greatest needs. There has long been a need to clean up the network marketing industry. It has been a haven for fraud, greed, trickery and deception and FreeMart is the first company to remove "all" of the negatives that have kept many honest people from getting involved. Not only is FreeMart bringing honor to the business model, but their products and services are truly revolutionary. The purity, quality and concentration of the health products are second to none, and they have other products and technologies that will help to heal the earth and improve the quality of life for plants, animals and humans. The company mission is to rid the world of disease and hunger, so if you are the type of individual that would like to be part of a worthy cause, we invite you to become a "Free Member" of FreeMart. External link opens in new tab or windowFreeMartNetwork.

To read more about the very foundation for your physical health, check out my Success Secret #5 - Personal Energy.

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James Sloan


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